Jully's Golden Beauties
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We Breed BEAUTIFUL Dogs!
Welcome to Jully's Golden Retriever Beauties
Our beautiful European-Type Golden Retrievers, also known as English Golden Retrievers, have a great Pedigree. These dog’s parents and grandparents come from Germany, England, Australia and the country of origin: Scotland. We take breeding very seriously. Our mission is to provide healthy dogs, with the great temperament and wonderful cream color that the English Golden Retrievers are recognized for. Our beautiful dogs are OFA Heart, Hip and Knee Certified, as well as CERF Eye Certified. 

Our dogs are show-quality. Their pedigrees boast both US and International Champion status. 

What does all this mean to you? It means that you will receive a healthy, beautiful looking puppy with a great attitude. This will provide you with the best experience in owning a wonderful and highly intelligent pet that you can bond with and enjoy in the years ahead. With proper training you will have a wonderful friend for yourself and/or your family. 

Golden Retrievers are among the smartest of all dog breeds. This means that the job of training your puppy will be that much easier. The joy that comes from bonding through the training of your puppy is indescribable. Of course if puppy training is new to you we would advise joining a puppy training class. This will educate you in the best course of action. We do on occasion offer older puppies with basic obedience training. 

Your puppy comes to you already fitted with a microchip that will stay safely in place for life, offering protection from loss, theft or separation due to natural or personal disaster.
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